Atrial fibrillation

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Optimal antithrombotic regimen for AF patients undergoing PCI should not include aspirin (9/3/2020) ›Using anticoagulants with antiplatelets questionable in some with AF (5/3/2020) ›Physical activity tied to lower mortality with Afib (5/3/2020) ›International group proposes new outcome measures for patients with atrial fibrillation (6/2/2020) ›Dapagliflozin may curb atrial fibrillation and flutter in diabetics (5/2/2020) ›Both drug and shock cardioversion effective, safe for acute afib in the ED (5/2/2020) ›Oral anticoagulant dose often not reduced when kidney function drops (21/1/2020) ›NOACs linked to lower osteoporosis risk in patients with a-fib (20/1/2020) ›"PAUSE" protocol safe for AF patients on DOAC therapy who need surgery (7/8/2019) ›Catheter ablation improves outcomes in atrial fibrillation with heart failure (1/8/2019) ›Former US pro football players may face increased risk of Afib (25/7/2019) ›NOACs best for Afib in early kidney disease, but jury out in advanced CKD (15/7/2019) ›Heparin bridging could worsen outcomes after stroke (9/7/2019) ›New method of interpreting cardiac telemetry accurately spots AF in stroke patients (4/7/2019) ›DOACs better choice for Asian patients with AF and liver disease (4/7/2019) ›Avoid VKA plus DAPT in AF patients undergoing PCI: meta-analysis (28/6/2019) ›Atrial fibrillation tied to increased risk of dementia (27/6/2019) ›Beta-blockers may attenuate triggering of atrial fibrillation by anger, stress (25/6/2019) ›Direct oral anticoagulants, warfarin appear equally safe in morbidly obese patients (13/6/2019) ›Long-standing AF tied to outcomes of left-atrial-appendage occlusion (6/6/2019) ›New-onset atrial fibrillation common after aortic-valve replacement (4/6/2019) ›Worse outcomes seen in AF patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy (23/5/2019) ›Less bleeding and fewer hospitalisations with antithrombotic regimen with apixaban without aspirin (18/3/2019) ›2019 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (18/3/2019) ›Substantial impact of temporary interruptions of warfarin versus DOAC (18/3/2019) ›Similar rates of stroke/SE associated with DOAC vs warfarin use in obese non-valvular AF patients: Results from an observational registry (18/3/2019) ›Lower rates stroke/SE with DOACs in frail non-valvular AF patients (18/3/2019) ›Smartwatch can detect atrial fibrillation with high degree of accuracy (18/3/2019) ›

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